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A heliport lighting system is used to provide guidance and illuminate the landing area for the pilot and passengers and is an important safety feature of any helipad.

We offer high-quality equipment that can withstand the toughest conditions in helicopter landing zones. Our range of visual aids are available for both Safe Zone and Ex Zone.

We also provide all necessary documentation and certificates to comply with international regulations such as ICAO Annex 14 or CAP 437.


Available equipment:

  • Perimeter lights
  • Windsock
  • Obstruction lights
  • Floodlights
  • Status and Repeater lights
  • TD/PM Circle and H lights
  • Approach lights
  • Flight Path Alignment Guidance lights
  • HMS Repeater lights
  • Helicopter Approach Path Indicator – HAPI
  • System of Azimuth Guidance for Approach – SAGA
  • Heliport Beacon
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply – UPS
  • Control Panel
  • Radio Control


We supply our lights with LED technology. This makes them need less maintenance, as the LED lights are long-lived.

We also deliver special lighting equipment for yachts.


Engineering and detailed drawings for installation are provided.