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In a continuous effort to offer value-added solutions and strive for improvement, we have developed a new type of aluminum structural deck specifically designed for elevated heliports.

HELITECNICA’s planking systems cover the entire range of helicopters on the market, adhering to the specifications set by CAP 437, FAA, ICAO, and regulations established by classification societies such as DNV, BV, ABS and LR.

Our systems are available in various formats to meet the client’s requirements. Each project is carefully studied to apply the most suitable solution.

Advantages of our Aludeck® planking over other materials:

  • Lightweight: up to 60% lighter than a comparable steel surface
  • High structural resistance (260-310 MPa)
  • Easy installation
  • Marine-grade aluminum alloy
  • Corrosion-resistant, virtually maintenance free
  • Equivalent to steel in terms of fire resistance
  • Recyclable

Our Aludeck® planking can be attached to any type of support structure using our clamping system. This mechanism allows us to secure the aluminum profiles to the top flanges of the support structure with bolts and our special clamps, eliminating the need for drilling frame beams and reducing installation time.


Fire Test DNV

Aludeck® has been tested according to DNV specifications and our system has been certified as being equivalent to steel in terms of its fire integrity.


Test details:

  • Size of aluminum heliport prototype: 5 × 5 meters
  • The helicopter weight is simulated by a static load placed on the deck
  • Jet A1 fuel is continuously pumped onto the surface of the prototype. The fuel is ignited and burns for 10 minutes, giving a total fuel burned of 1200 kg.
  • During the test, no fuel leakage or flames are observed under the deck
  • After the pool fire test, no damage or deformations of the platform surface were observed

The fire test has been witnessed by DNV.


Official DNV report approval available upon request.

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