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Helinet® is HELITECNICA’s perimetral safety net system, especially designed for offshore and rooftop heliports. It consists of 316 stainless steel wire cable mesh mounted on lightweight aluminum frames, that can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes.

We deliver our safety nets with the mesh pre-mounted on the frames, making it easy to install by fixing them to the support beams.

Helinet® is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the harshest marine conditions. Unlike other safety nets, made of synthetic rope or PVC coated fencing mesh, Helinet® does not burn or melt, and will not deteriorate by exposing to UV rays.

It is available in both removable and foldable format. The foldable option allows the safety net to become a perimeter handrail when the helideck is not in use.

Our safety net system complies with the international regulations such as CAP 437, ICAO Annex 14, FAA, etc.


DNV Drop Test

Our Helinet® system has undergone a DNV supervised drop test and exceeds the requirements set by:

  • DNV rules for Classification of Ships Part 6 Chapter 1
  • CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas
  • UKOOA Offshore Industry guidelines