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HELITECNICA’s Aludeck® aluminum plank systems have been developed by our team of Research and Development experts, offering an innovative solution suitable for any kind of facility. Our landing platforms are made up of extruded aluminum profiles, they are fixed quickly and tightly. While our heliports are available in various shapes and sizes, the octagon configuration is the most used in the market.

Our product range includes all the necessary elements to create a functional heliport, from the aluminum platform to a wide variety of related equipment. All the helideck components are designed for easy transportation in containers or trucks and can be easily assembled on-site. We provide HELITECNICA engineers at site to assist and supervise the installation process.

With a delivery time of approximately 14-16 weeks for complete packages, we ensure high-quality and competitive products within a reasonable timeframe with the best market prices.

All materials used in our production process carry a European Certificate of Origin