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Helitecnica, Aluminum Heliports

Exclusively focused on elevated aluminum heliports, HELITECNICA provides the complete helideck package including all related services and equipment.

HELITECNICA is formed by certified experts whom oversee the design, manufacture and installation of helicopter landing pads. We work closely with the largest companies in the offshore market to furnish their platforms and vessels with aluminum helidecks. We are familiar as well with onshore installation, having provided several helipads for different hospitals and buildings worldwide.

Meeting client specifications is our goal and what we strive for daily. We develop tailored projects according to their specifications, always ensuring the highest quality and safety.

Global Presence

Over the years, we have grown our global reputation by performing satisfactory projects for many international clients. We are currently present in over 15 countries thanks to our wide net of representatives.

In order to ensure the highest quality, HELITECNICA can mobilize its team to wherever it is needed. We supervise the helideck and equipment installation in order to verify that the process is done in accordance to our quality standards and procedures.

Thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team, we are able to manage multiple projects at the time and give each one the personalized and first-class attention it deserves.

HELITECNICA Aluminum Helidecks

HELITECNICA was born with the objective of filling the need of high quality and cost efficient elevated heliports for both the onshore and offshore markets. Our aluminum landing platforms last longer, weigh less and require less maintenance than the traditional and outdated steel or concrete ones.

Our heliport deck is formed by aluminum extruded profiles whose design is registered and belongs to HELITECNICA. We have various planking systems depending on the need of the client and technical specifications of the project. The top deck is joined to a support structure that is generally made of steel or aluminum. If the building, vessel or platform is weight sensitive, we will provide a bolted and easily installed aluminum support structure.

HELITECNICA supplies all the heliport related equipment, such as visual aids, firefighting system and access ways among many others.

Thanks to our all bolted mechanism, installation becomes a very easy process. Once installation begins, it will only take a few weeks for the helideck to be completely operational. A complete installation manual is provided with every order and if necessary we will send our team of engineers to supervise the process.