About Us

Experts in Aluminum Heliports

Helitecnica is one of the few companies in the world dedicated exclusively to tailored aluminum heliports. We are focused on the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of helicopter landing platforms. Staffed with experienced professionals, we build up a close relationship with our clients.


We offer optimal solutions for offshore and rooftop aluminium heliports. Our commitment is to carry out a perfect execution of every project with the best quality.


Our vision is to consolidate the Helitecnica Brand globally and continue to successfully deliver projects and increase our number of satisfied customers.

Core values

    • Quality. Our team strives for perfection. Delivering the highest quality products is our main goal and the reason why we are constantly investing in R&D.
    • Customer satisfaction. Helitecnica is a customer-focused company, where the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our clients. Your feedback matters! A good communication allows us to carry out a continuous improvement system.
    • Social responsibility. We work for environmentally friendly products and processes.
    • Our suppliers. We maintain a close relation with our sub vendors, this allows us to ensure that they comply with our quality standards and deliver high end products.