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Our system

We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of elevated aluminum heliports. We supply primarily to the offshore market, with projects delivered for vessels, offshore platforms and yachts. We also provide heliports for buildings, most commonly for hospitals, but also for hotels and other establishments.

Our heliports are made of high-quality marine grade aluminum alloys, with high mechanical properties. The use of aluminum extruded profiles makes our heliports not only durable, but also lightweight and easier to maintain than steel or concrete alternatives. With our patented Aludeck® planking system, installation is done quickly and easily at the client’s site, with no drilling or welding required We have also developed our own perimetral Safety Net system, our corrosion resistant and weather-proof Helinet®, available in both removable and foldable formats.

Opting for aluminum over steel or other materials offers several advantages. Aluminum is entirely recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. Its low weight renders it particularly suitable for the offshore market and existing buildings. The alloys we employ are low maintenance, as the need for coating to withstand highly corrosive marine environments is eliminated.

With a skilled crew of 5 to 7 individuals, the average installation time for the most common heliport is 6 weeks. This includes assembling the planking system and its components, installing the equipment and painting the heliport’s surface and visual aid markings.

All the different equipment that we offer is indicated in its designated section of the website, ranging from the lighting systems to the advanced DIFFS firefighting system.

All our heliports comply with the relevant regulations and standards, such as CAP 437, FAA, ICAO Annex 14, and others. They can also be certified by classification societies, such as DNV, Bureau Veritas, or ABS. They can also be certified by classification societies, such as DNV, Bureau Veritas, or ABS.

With over 15 years of experience in the heliport industry, our patented technology has enabled us to deliver tailored projects worldwide. Renowned for quality, safety, and innovation, we offer competitive pricing and flexible solutions.

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